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  • What are the Types of Hair Extensions?
    There are several types of hair extensions but we use our preferred method that causes the least damage to your hair in our salon, and they are as follows: Tape-In's – Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular hair extension technique for a seamless, long-lasting, and manageable solution. They are non-damaging, lightweight, and last 4-6 weeks. Reuse tape-ins them multiple times with hair replacement tape. Seamless Sew-In With Microlinks - A braidless sew-in is a technique that allows hair extensions to be applied to the hair without the natural hair being braided down as a base, achieve by using micro-links. They are non-damaging, and last ________ weeks.
  • How much do extensions cost?
    The cost of extensions can vary greatly from one person to another. This is due to your hair texture and thickness, along with the overall look you are wanting to achieve. Cost & quality of hair can vary as well. We do offer complimentary consultations, that you can book online with us and we can take a look at what you are wanting to achieve with your extension look. We look forward to seeing you.
  • How often should I wash my hair?
    Only when absolutely needed. Washing to frequently with harsh hair products strips your hair of its natural oils & damages it. Think of your hair like delicate fabric, you don't wash your delicates in hot water everyday because you know it will ruin them, well we are here to tell you that your hair is no different. If you have oily hair, avoid using dry shampoo's in between washing, due to the high alcohol content that will dry your scalp after prolonged use and instead opt for a more natural alternative with arrow root powder & a makeup brush, blot it on in the evening and brush it out and style.
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